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Beginners' Guide to Chinese B2B

Chinese Sourcing 101

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Beginners' Guide to Chinese B2B



Because Chinese companies are experts at large-scale production, they can customise your products for a very low cost.

No industrial output occurs in a vacuum. China's extensive network of distributors, suppliers, and government organizations handles a large portion of the labor-intensive job required to produce items rapidly and effectively.

China has been producing B2B goods of noticeably improved quality in recent years as a result of its massive investments in robots, artificial intelligence, and technology.


Lastly, misunderstandings might arise while interacting with Chinese producers. There is less chance of further confusion because many Chinese suppliers are at least familiar with selling on Amazon and the FBA network.

In China, there are three main categories of vendors that you will come across:


Trading Company

Sourcing Company

You must be very specific about the end product's appearance because manufacturers are specialists in production, not marketing.

Factories could be your greatest option if you are well aware of your product and the processes involved in producing it. Less product customization is required. There isn't much "hand-holding."

Trading Companies function as intermediaries, coordinating the activity of several factories and adding a commission for the services rendered. Better communication, access to a large product selection, and occasionally the possibility to work with lower MOQs are all provided by trading businesses.

Sourcing companies perform much more than merely sourcing your goods. Product sample development, contract negotiation and management, quality control oversight, and logistics follow-through are all done by sourcing businesses. Having your feet firmly planted in China is why working with a reputable sourcing company is essential. But they usually don't deal with the nitty-gritty of export and import ( which can be a hassle for beginners).


Suntek Sourcing Service

Suntek International Trading Co. is a distinguished global trading company based in Ningbo and Yiwu, China. Specializing in home goods, electronics, textiles, tools ect. The company has garnered a reputation for providing expert guidance and exceptional service in the trading industry. We not only offer over 10000 SKU in 20 different goods categories, but also provide a solution for small MOQs. At Suntek, we have established a consistent commitment to excellence in customer service. We are your trusted partner in Chinese product sourcing, and a great partner for your growing business.


Suntek homegoods sample room



Suntek Pet supplies sample room

For sales inquiries, please contact: Jodie Lee, Director of Sales, Suntek International Trading Co. Email: